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8th Graders in Houston Have Sex in School

October 8, 2007

A new low – two 8th graders in Houston were caught having sex in a science lab during the class. The teacher had stepped out briefly when the two decided to go at it. The school has said that it “disciplined” the children appropriately. The school advised parents of other children in the class about a week after the incident.


Freedom to Grunt in the Gym?

November 2, 2006

This is a mountain out of a mole hill. A fitness club prohibits grunting while exercising inside. The rule is posted…and obviously so. In fact, there’s even a lunk alarm (see the illustration below from a similar gym).

Argibay, a member of the gym, paid his dues. But when he went down to squat he grunted. And not just once, but twice. The alarm went off and he was warned by Al
Argibay, a corrections officer who learned first-hand “no grunting” means exactly that. Carol Palazzolo,
the gym manager, talked to Al the Grunter and warned him that he could not grunt. Now the story diverges.

He says that he was escorted out the police, though he was a good person/patron. She says that he became upset, swore and began to yell. So she called the police and had him escorted out of the gym.

So…the question is whether you have a fundamental right to grunt at a gym? Can you sue for your right to exercise loudly? What about a grunt-free environment? Silly, I know, but really…if you want your to grunt then maybe you should workout where people do not care. This is hardly an issue to be fighting about.